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  1. HuskerShaun

    For Sale kids mx boots sizes 1 & Y10

    Three pairs of moto boots. My kids are growing too fast and a new season approaching means it's time to buy new boots! My progression into them riding has been in spurts, so none of these have a ton of use. 2021 was very little riding due to our move. Oneil pink boots, size 1 $80 shipped Fox...
  2. Yinzer Moto

    Motocross or dual sport boots?

    What do you prefer? I have used many dual sport boots, trials boots and motocross boots. I am hung up on the protection that motocross boots offer but they are bulky. I have smashed my feet pretty bad in dual sport and trials boots but they sure are comfortable. I run some older Gaerne SG10...
  3. MVI

    Falco Boots

    MVI MOTO Is an Authorized Dealer for FALCO BOOTS Falco manufactures lines for the following: Racing Sport ADV Touring Women Urban Ride Heritage Classic Off-Road Enduro & spare parts Ordering is simple. Order by PM, phone call or email, the quote/invoice will be emailed to the customer...
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