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  1. ZoomerP

    Honda CRF450L/RL low rpm performance

    Low rpm performance is a common topic for this bike, especially the L models. I think the L has gotten a bad rap for flame-outs and low rpm surging, even though some of that appears to have been addressed by the RL, and many have reported an improvement after a 1500 mile break-in period. I'd...
  2. ZoomerP

    2019 Honda CRF450L - ZoomerP

    I want a list of what I've done to my bike, and I'd rather it not be used to generate ad revenue, so this is the perfect place to post it. I'll keep the opening post current with how the bike sits. https://powersports.honda.com/street/adventure/crf450l Safety & Comfort Doubletake Adventure...
  3. MVI

    CRF450L Exhaust Coupler

    The CRF450L/RL Exhaust Coupler allow the fitment of the FMF Q4 or HEX on the OEM CRF450 L/RL header. Keep your factory header and lose the heavy silencer by adding the FMF (Note: FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY) Parts in stock, ready to ship. $89.95 each, plus flat fee of $14.95 for shipping and...
  4. MVI

    CRF450L /RL Mega Thread

    Stony Pass, CO
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