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1090R as a long distance tour bike


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Feb 8, 2022
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I love my 1090, it's great offroad and handles the twisties pretty well. I tend to ride at a rapid pace, 10-20mph over posted limits where appropriate. The only place it feels a little lacking is when you are doing an Interstate or rural 2 lane slog. Under 75-80mph its fine but above that it starts feeling like you are flogging it a bit. So a couple of questions
Is the 1290 as good offroad as the 1090?
Can the new 890R match the performance of the 1090 on the highway? I know it is probably a little better offroad due to less weight and a lower COG.
Maybe the answer is buy a used Multi Strada 1200 for the long distance stuff and keep the 1090 for mixed use.
An 890 would be a same/same as the 1090 on the highway with slightly better offroad performance.
Is a 1290 the do all answer? All my riding is solo, never two up.
Yes this post is a little rambling but that's what happens after 3 hazy IPAs
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I've rode all the bikes you have for consideration. I'll just put it out there, more bikes are better.
Keep the 1090 and get the MS1200 if you can swing it.
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