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For Sale 1974 Honda CB550K0, nicely restored, Delaware, $6K OBO

Tom C

Mar 3, 2022
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For sale is my restored 1974 Honda CB550K0, 16K on the odometer, with significant upgrades including dual front disk brakes, brand spanking new Delkevic 4into1 header/megaphone muffler, Megacycle performance aftermarket camshaft, upgraded Progressive springs and shocks, transistorized ignition, LED headlight, touring windshield, luggage rack, top box and panniers painted to match the repainted tank and side covers. All significant wear items have been replaced, upgraded or rebuilt. She needs only to be ridden and enjoyed.

I can deliver the bike to anywhere within 5 hours of Newark Delaware for a reasonable fee.







Purchased August 2019
Clear DE title
Engine SN CB550E- 1019821
Frame SN CB550 -1019489
Her humble beginnings:

Upgrades and additions include:
Cyclear M321AS6 Smoked Windscreen
Megacycle #12601 performance cam (improves midrange and top end for use with stock pistons and valvetrain)

Carbs rebuilt and re-jetted after cam upgrade
Hondaman transistorized Ignition module triggered by OEM points significantly reduces need to adjust/replace points
Dual Front Disk Brake conversion (this bike stops MUCH better than OEM single disk system):
Stainless steel brake lines
OEM disks drilled and resurfaced by Truedisk LLC
Master cylinder replaced with dual disk master cylinder from dual disc first gen Honda GL1000.


The improvement in braking performance is amazing and it looks sharp! You won't find many SOHC/4 bikes with this awesome upgrade. So much better than stock.

LED headlight
Switched SAE outlet routed near handlebar for GPS and/or phone power
NOS rims laced to rebuilt OEM hubs
Progressive Suspension Components:
11-1106 Fork Springs
12-1204B Black Powder Coated Finish 13.00" High Pressure Gas Shocks
03-1394C 12 Series Springs (70-120 psi) - Chrome

Tank, side covers, panniers (w/rear turn signals), top box painted in Corvette Atomic Orange, a close match to OEM Flake Sunrise Orange.
Grab rail replaced with Connecticut Luggage Rack to which the top box is mounted.

OEM grab rails and rear turn signals are included in sale if you want to remove the luggage and revert to the original clean lines of this classic UJM.

In the three years I've owned the bike, the following wear items have been replaced:
Ignition coils, wires, plugs, points, condensers, battery
Clutch, clutch springs
Oil Pump rebuilt
Swing Arm Bushings inspected, cleaned and greased
All Balls Tapered Steering Head Bearings
All Balls Wheel Bearings
All Balls fork seals
Throttle, clutch speedo and tach cables
Seat Cover and grab strap
Ignition switch and seat lock
Fork Gaiters
NOS Mirrors
Chain and Sprockets
Avon Roadmaster tires

Also included with sale is Hondaman's (Mark Paris) excellent book on restoring the Honda CB750, the big brother to the CB550. It's an excellent reference work for all Honda SOHC/4 bikes.

As with most classic bikes there is some oil leakage, typical for these older bikes. Oil consumption is minimal when riding around town. You'll want to check the oil more frequently if you are doing lots of highway riding but you won't need to add oil more than once every couple of days.

The OEM exhaust system was shot, it was replaced in July 2022 with Delkevic 4into1 Stainless Steel exhaust system with the megaphone muffler which looks and sounds great!

There are some scratches and dings in the paint, Atomic Orange touch up paint is included in the sale.

I have done no work inside of the engine/transmission as there has been no real need to do so. When rapidly upshifting under brisk acceleration the shift lever sometimes sticks in the up position, only returning to center after the drivetrain is unloaded. This is not a problem in normal conditions, it only happens when rapidly shifting with lots of throttle. Likewise when rapidly engaging the clutch under heavy throttle the clutch will make a strange noise and not cleanly engage. In normal riding it is not an issue.

One caveat - the odometer currently reads about 16,000 miles, but the speedometer/odometer is probably not original - compare the speedo and tach in the picture below:

These are the gauges that were on the bike when I bought it in 2019. The speedo looks to be much newer than the tach. The title mileage is listed as 0 because in Delaware a mileage disclosure was not required for older vehicles. It is not a salvage title.

I've added a few more pictures below from before the Delkevic pipes and dual disks were installed. I added them to show her before the the touring accessories (windscreen, luggage rack, top box, panniers) were installed.




OEM grab rail and turn signals shown above are included in the sale should you want this classic look.

If you just want to remove the panniers and keep the luggage rack and top box, the OEM turn signals can be mounted to the luggage rack as shown below:


She looks great this way too, and that beadrider is not included in sale :)

My goal for this restoration was a good looking, reliable and safe classic bike that looks great cruising around town but has enough comfort, power, reliability and luggage capacity for a multiday motorcycle tour. I've achieved that goal, this bike has been on several trips with no major breakdowns or issues. An 18 tooth front sprocket replaces the stock 17 tooth gear to reduce engine RPM at highway speeds. I can't say enough about the dual disk conversion - outstanding braking performance when compared to the OEM single disk. Upgraded springs and shocks give the bike the capacity to handle heavier riders and luggage. The Delkevic system is really nice.

Sale includes original grab rail and rear turn signal hardware so you can remove remove panniers, luggage rack, top box and windscreen to restore the original lines of this classic bike.

If you have any questions please call or text me at 302 515 5752.

Here's ADV thread that about this restoration project:

Thanks for looking!
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