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1981 Vespa Conversion.

Sweet. Glad you posted this. I remember you acquiring this from the other site, but i never got to see the results. Love to get my hands on one these some day.

Nice work as always.
OK I love your project and have to know not counting the time how much do you have invested in the bike ?
$400 for the bike, sold the motor, $1000 for the battery, $800 for the motor and controller, and about $600 in misc. Fun project. I am looking to do another electric bike of some sort.
American innovation and desire to create something you want is why I have always been self employed .
Having been blessed with a bunch of bikes in my senior years the light weight and veritillity of scooters has won me over .
So enjoy your ride it really is quite the masterpiece you made there
I'm new to this party.
Beautiful work.
What sort of range would you get from a full charge?
At my weight I could get around 30 miles, if I wasn't to hard on the throttle. But it was so fun to go fast. Surprised a lot of people. My intent was to add a second battery to double the range, under the right cowl where the motor used to be.
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