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20,000k Service on BMW1200GS


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Apr 22, 2022
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Wow, glad I do all my own servicing.
Colleague put his 2018 1200GS if for it's 20,000k service and paid NZ$1000 for the privilege.

Jeez, given its really just your typical oil & grease plus a multitude of checks I think that's bloody expensive.

Not sure how long checking the valve clearances take having not done that yet on my 1200GS but that I would think is the most difficult job on the list.
He isn't sure whether they checked the final drive splines so I suggested he ring and ask and note the outcome on their receipt.
None of it is difficult. The Wethead/Shifthead is one of the easiest bikes to service. I can do it in 2 hours, 3 if I have to change multiple shims for the valves, which is very rare!
My 2014 going n for its free replacement drive shaft this coming Friday.
Very interested as to whether it is showing any signs of degradation. mileage around the 130K mark.
Finally got it done today at Experience motorcycles in Auckland.

Saw the old shaft ( 130K) and no sign of rust or wear.

A few problems found by the tech;

All 3 discs are needing replacement sooner than later as they are almost at the minimum for WOF purposes. Its an ex-rental soo there must have been some gorillas applying the brakes over the years or they have been using hard pads??

And a rip in my rear boot.

Tech said there was a small weeping from one of the o-rings in the rear drive and he replaced it free of charge!! My opinion of this dealership just rocketed.

Now to find some discs that wont break the bank.
Sounds like you have found a good dealership with a tech who cares enough to go beyond the work order... Most good ones will, but some I have seen don't....😟
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