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2004 R1150GS Won't start...

John Macdonald

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Mar 18, 2022
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I know this is a common thread title elsewhere, but we don't have one of these here yet so here goes

Bike had been running fine previous to the no-start condition.
80k miles on the odometer.

Bike cranks when starter button is pushed, fuel pump initiates the 2-second priming sequence, no start.
No raw fuel smell that would indicate an external fuel leak.

I've pulled an injector to see if there's fuel, while cranking, no fuel while cranking.

Battery is getting attention via the battery tender while I do other things, including writing a checklist to follow going forward with troubleshooting.

First things first I'm looking for fuel and spark.
Attempts to bump start reveal plentiful compression.

-Bike in neutral
-Side stand up
-Kill switch in on position
-Fuel in tank
-QD connections connected
-Check for spark
-Check for fuel at injectors
-Check for fuel at hose supplying injectors
-Check for voltage to injectors

That's my short order for the next steps.
Looking through the service records I don't see a recent fuel filter or pump service. I'm thinking I should get into the tank and deal with those items, and replace the internal fuel lines and do the stainless u-tube upgrade as a matter of course even if this issue is due to something else.

If this isn't a simple fuel supply issue, I'm recalling Hall Effect Sensor issues that could contribute to this condition.

I'm happy to see your comments and suggestions.
I'm not surprised to see that suggestion.

I'll first rummage around checking cable and connectors etc, and I'll check voltage while cranking.
That'll keep me out of trouble for tomorrow morning.

If it's as easy as replacing the sensor I'll be happy.
I'm looking at a few things to do for this bike, things that are typical items for this age/mileage etc

The HES is something that I could/should have replaced and/or inspected by now. The wiring on those things is known to go bad at around this age.

The items inside the tank are things that also should be addressed now as a matter of course because they are also the kinds of things that will leave the bike on the side of the road.

I should also do the cam chain tensioner upgrade, and while I'm there I should install the Rocket Sprockets

There's a matched set of 1200 injectors here waiting for their time on the dance floor, as well as the AF-X unit that's cooling it's heels in the same box of parts.

I also have the design and components for the full stainless exhaust system that wants to get fitted and welded up, along with the slightly lower ratio final drive.

First things first.
Get it back to running order before I go screwing with everything else.

Hopefully I'll have the time today to excavate the HES and have it out for some fresh air and sunshine.
Gotta get the crash bars off it before that happens, and they deserve a date with the media blaster and powder coater.
Here's what mine looked like after my bike died on me the other day. If you're handy with a soldering iron you can repair yours easily enough. I used cat 5 cable as it's what I had on hand which worked great as far as wire size and fit, but if I were to do it again I'd make sure I got some high temp cable which would be much more suited to the temps this thing will see. Others have used high temp 26 gauge Teflon coated wire with success too, good luck getting her fixed!


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That looks nasty

First I need to get the crash bars off - I've been doing weekend chores

Maybe I'll have a snapshot to share later today
Late to the game here but I agree that the HES is suspect. Also when you pull the tank off and check the fuel lines inside the tank don’t be surprised if the hoses inside are showing signs of desolving if the are the original ones…. The U shaped one is most likely to burst first… YMMV
I think that should make a difference with something

Maybe that little pigtail was made out of rodent-kibble scented wire

I'll see if I can push those connectors out of the plug housing and make a repair
For the sake of the conversation I live in the high desert.
Wildlife-related wiring damage like this is part of life.

If I get this chewed wiring pigtail repaired this afternoon I'll report back with the results.
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Between other chores I looked at the various views of the HES on the Euro Motor website -- that looks strikingly similar to the plug for the HES..!

Those little connectors don't want to exit that plug housing


I will take this moment to express my gratitude that the rodent who chewed up the pigtail chose to chew the wiring on the sensor side of the plug connection.

This is the time in it's life cycle where it wants to get replaced anyway, but if I could get those connectors out I'd be very tempted to do the wiring repair and go.

Here's where the responsible fellow just orders the new part and waits for the package to arrive.

I need to get out to the workshop and see if that "responsible fellow" is here today...
Here's one view from one end of my yard


That's the house in the upper right corner

When I say "I'm out in the high desert", I mean I'm out there - in the high desert.

I'm the minority out here.
It would take more than a couple cats to offset the wildlife population.

The view is worth the trouble.
Most of the time.
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