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Sold 2019 650 V-Strom DL/ABS price 7K firm. Location is Biloxi , MS.


May 19, 2022
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Biloxi, Mississippi
I have this cross posted on other sites, so some of you may have already seen it.
Bought it to try a smaller, lighter bike on for size. I like it but am not ready to give up completely on the big boy bikes…. (You know this story if you are my age. ) I will apologize for the semi crappy photos but its coming a thunderstorm right now, and until i have the time and energy to get the bike out of the shop, this is what you get. anyone who has a serious interest I will be happy to take all the glamour shots you request, and a walk around cold start up video if you like.
Under 5K miles,(4865 currently but i am occasionally riding it) needs nothing but new owner, location is near Biloxi, MS.
Crash bars, skid plate, Tusk panniers and Tusk hand guards. Go cruise throttle lock. Nelson Rigg tank and tail bags Give Airflow adjustable height wind screen.
Chain is original, Tires are original and should have a good 2K miles or so left in them i would imagine, i can take photos of the tread later if anyone is seriously interested and concerned. I dont know what kind of mileage people report getting on these Bridgestone Battle Axe tires ( ?) but I imagine someone has an idea of normal mileage on a 650 V Strom tire. I do not know. Maintenance is current ( what little maintenance there is really, bike has less than 5K miles so you can do the math.) bike looks new, which it is new so it should look new. Garage kept , no patina. Etc. Looks about as close to new as is possible. Might have a shoe scuff somewhere but no dents, scratches or significant marks . Has not been off-road that I can tell, it’s too clean to have ever gotten muddy.
I am at $7,000 on price and that is firm, if you are looking you know what it is worth.
CLean Mississippi title in my possession so no waiting for that, pay your money and take your ride home. Easy Peasy .
Thank you for looking and have a great afternoon and week end.
Note, I just reviewed after posting the ad, seems I’m having trouble getting the photos to load up, will work on that tonight, sorry for the suspense.
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