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2022 Honda Dash 125 facelift

Amos Malone

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Apr 15, 2022
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Honda "andoH" has announced Honda Dash 125 with a facelift for the Malaysian market.
This is more streamlined version of the underbone structure SuperCub, with same engine and transmission. Similar bike was marketed under the Wave, Innova and Supra badges in Europe.
It comes in 3 colors; Red, Yellow or Blue (or Candy Scintillate Red, Clipper Yellow and Pearl Nightfall Blue (for the lad(ie)s who can see the difference)).
It's Euro4 compliant single cylinder, air cooled, two valve engine at 124,9 cc. This supposedly gives 9,85 hp at 8.000 RPM and all that power is sent to the rear wheel through a 4 speed gearbox with centrifugal clutch and a (probably 420) chain.
The suspension that is responsible for getting that power to the ground is forks at front and 2 shock absorbers at the back.
The brakes that stop you from hitting that SUV in front of you are single disk front and rear. Hydraulically activated from hand brake and foot lever respectively.
The measly fuel tank is under the seat and takes 4 liters, or about a US gallon. Okay, small rant here. What is it with those tiny fuel tanks? It's not so much that I mind filling it up as I hate spending time being on the lookout for gas stations all the time.
All that comes to the customer with full tank at 105 kg. Or the weight of average 1st world rider. He then sits at a 77 cm height.
The headlight "sports" (sigh) LED bulb and the plastics give better aerodynamics and riding comfort. "riding comfort"? "plastics"?
The instrument panel helpfully shares some necessary information with the rider. Like speed, gear, fuel status and check engine light.

I'd like to play with one.



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This looks like a fun bike but I doubt we will ever see it in the US.
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