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2022 PAR 6th Annual Bunny Hop


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Feb 13, 2022
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Crestview, Florida
Time for the 6th Annual Bunny Hop in Blackwater River State Forest the weekend of March 18.
Free event.
Free camping at Wilderness Landing.

You want to eat, bring food.
You want to ride, bring your plated bike .
You want a fire, bring some wood.
You want to drink, bring some beer, spirits, etc.
You want a T-shirt, well you should have come to the Turkey Trot....
The real thread is sadly over there at that other forum, but here I am spreading the word here for my first post.

Dual Sport and Adventure Bike friendly routes. There will be riders of all types: Slow Burn, Fast Burn, etc.

Some folks will show up Thursday, some Friday, and some Saturday morning just to ride. Some will stay till later Sunday.


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Welcome, and thanks for posting about another event for the calendar.

It's ok to post a link to a thread elsewhere. Over time, we'll have more primary threads on events, but it's understandable that discussions have started elsewhere. If there's a Facebook group or anything else that's be helpful, please link those, too.
Done. Edited post to include link to original thread. Thanks for letting me know as I wasn't sure if I should link to the other place....
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