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2022 Supercross


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Feb 3, 2022
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Lancaster, PA
Glendale triple crown this week!

ya, I remembered he used to be on a 450, but did not know he was this year! It should be fun to see how it goes, Bam Bam? Anderson? Ye Ha, quite a show this year ain't it? What do you'll think about Eli's starts at the triple crown? His eyes in that video sure look like something was going on.
Peacock only tonight at 10PM EST. Delayed on CNBC tomorrow at noon. :lurk
Man, 250 west is a one man show, everybody else looks like amateurs. I think he lapped up to 6th or 7th place?

Nice battle at the beginning of 450 main.

Ken was not looking happy on the bike.
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