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790/890 Rottweiler intake and the other place


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Feb 6, 2022
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Anybody following the rottweiler intake saga and care to comment? Had any issues yourself?

I have one, and have seen some dust get through. Could be the filter itself, my maintenance or?? Pretty sure I'm going back to stock with a guglatech, but frankly that's as much for maintenance as anything else. I just don't "need" the hassle and potential issues. I have a rottweiler on my 690 for 25K miles with no issues. I like their products. Not looking to start shit, just curious.
Someone started a second thread here.

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I am now! Picked up an 890R yesterday and my buddy w/ one (and a RW intake) warned me not to get it. he thinks the filter is why his intake valves are wearing so fast. So I'm reading up on it now.

I just installed a TwinAir filter in my 701. It didn't look as substantial as one for my dirt bikes. Anyway, going to keep an eye on it. I'm a big fan of filter skins on my dirt bikes. They works awesome IME. I'm wondering if I either can lay one across the top of my 701 filter (though worried if it will affect the sealing even though its on top) or tie it around the snorkel entrance and let the air flow mostly suck into the snorkel as a simple pre-filter.

Looking at the guglatech(sp?) for both bikes now.
Not stirring the pot, honest question: anything wrong with the stock paper filter?

Gauze and foam filters by design straight up suck for filtering dust. We literally have to drown them in sticky oil in the  hopes of catching the dust that they are simply unable to catch. It's pretty much right in front of our eyes that they are no good.

Paper element filters are just superior filters. With enough surface area they flow plenty. My street bike has no problems putting out 120 hp through a paper filter and dyno results prove that gauze/foam filters of the same size add absolutely nothing but expense, added maintenance and dirty engines. Even completely removing the filter adds nothing, proving that paper isn't as restrictive as the marketing claims might lead you to believe.

I'd rock paper filters in my dirt bike if I could fit them.
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I think the issue is more the design of the airbox and how it distorts the rubber on the paper filters. I was getting dust in mine, just like my 690. Thats why I switched. Guglatech claims to have solved the leakage with the rubber on their filter. They've also included a piece of rubber that goes somewhere. I picked up a guglatech filter and will switch it out this winter
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