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For Sale `98 660Rallye


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Feb 18, 2022
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Located at Finland so likely for European market.

Not raced, and very little overall used. For last over ten years only few hours per year.
Fuel system serviced last time at summer `21, carb and fuel valves cleaned and assembled with
new gaskets. Less than 10hours ago suspension serviced by mechanic who worked at KTM factory raceteam for an decade and also in rallies, it has now Meoni setup
. Same time all suspension and other bearings washed and greased, all as new like after factory. Engine newer opened except for valve clearances.

History is well known, imported as new and has Finnish register.
100% original and not restored. Some small mods can easily be reversed and original roadbook follows.
Even handlebar grips are original.

Bike ptopably differs from anything you have ever ridden before. Its light for its size, suspension takes over about anything (280/300mm!) without any drama.
Engine doesen`t feel that fast but if you follow it with market bike, bye bye. Bike just blasts forward.

Will arrange video meetting if wanted and help with export.

Possible to buy together:
  • other wheelset
  • newer filled new rear tanks
  • other original rally seat
  • good replica fairing
  • original Michelin rally tire, old but not used. Mostly for museum purposes.

Pricing 8500€ contact via pm






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