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Wanted accessories for BMW R1150GS


May 19, 2022
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Biloxi, Mississippi
I recently took a walk down memory lane, picked up a 2002 GS , so now i am remembering all of the things i needed to kit it out to satisfy my fickle mind.
Things like: 1- a windshield that works to stop the dastardly buffeting 2- upgrade shocks 3- y pipe to eliminate the silly catalytic converter 4- maybe a slightly better seat
Should you be one of those folks who have things like take offs…..just sitting on a shelf taking up space….. in a bin somewhere in the basement, garage, etc….. that you’d like to get some monetary return on and get out of your way- then please do reach out to me here. Many thanks.
I’m in Biloxi, MS area, so shipping may be problematic but we can cross that bridge when we get there.
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