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Acronyms - Then and Now


Feb 7, 2022
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CRT: Cathode Ray Tube --> Critical Race Theory

FTP: File Transfer Protocol --> Fuck The Police

BLM: Bureau of Land Management --> Black Lives Matter

There has to be more acronyms that has changed during the years, post any you know of!
Ftw - For the win --> Fuck the world

People are so much happier these days 😁
Me too. For the last ten years I've gathered Acronyms, and specific names, used at my workplace in one page. It currently has just over 1600 lines. Terms like "CQC". Who would think out of the blue that it stands for "Customer Quality Complaint". And "PCOS". That is not "Personal Computer Operating System", like I originally thought.
It's a disease really, and the larger business the bigger collection of those abbreviations. The only thing they're good for is when playing bullshit bingo at big corp meetings.
Try working in different locations in different trades and different lines of business and ALL of them have all their own little acronyms. Years dealing with that shit and I don't miss it a bit.

I really liked the assholes that would give me a hard time because I didn't know their acronyms. Very hard to stay polite.:lol3
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