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ADVbikes Rules & Code of Conduct

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Jan 20, 2022
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St. Louis, MO
At ADVbikes.com we’re big fans of free speech and more importantly acting like an adult. At times we may think you’re an idiot or disagree with you, but we believe you should be able to share your thoughts. As much as we’d like to allow 100% free speech we literally can’t. There are many services between this site and your screen where traffic could be blocked because of the content of a few posts. These rules and code of conduct are put in place to curb that.

Core Rules:
  • No Threats
  • No Hate Speech
  • No Porn
  • One account per person
Violating any of these rules will get you an instant ban. Individual forums may have additional rules to follow, check if a 'Rules' post pinned a the top of a forum.

Code of Conduct: (Updated 11/22)
It's impossible to write clear cut rules on what’s acceptable and what is not these days. You need to act like a respectful adult here. To further moderate content we'll be using this campfire analogy:

Would you bring up this topic or comment sitting at a campfire with total strangers?

If the answer is no keep it to yourself or we'll take action on it.

Additional guidelines:
  • Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Posts in private forums, groups & messages stay in there.
  • “35% Rule” regarding nudity. 35% of private parts must be covered to be posted.
    • Think … swimwear acceptable for a kid’s waterpark.
    • See-thru is not “covered”
    • Dicks, nips or lips = ban
    • Nudity is nudity. Doesn't matter if it's Art, History or Nat. Geo pics.
  • Use the Ignore feature. It’s not our job to protect you from those you disagree with.
  • Think. Private forums aside, this is a public facing site.
  • Avoid run-on topics and topic hijacking.
    • Neither are helpful to people using the search for answers.
  • Don’t spam us with goods, promotional gimmicks or fundraisers.
    • Sale items belong in the Classifieds or Vendor’s Forums
    • Fundraisers need Mod approval before posting.
  • Problems with the site? Search or Post in the Help / Suggestions / Updates forum.
  • Problems with a topic/post? Use the report button.
  • Mods decisions are final.
Violating these could result in a warning or a ban.

Warnings and Bans: (Updated: 11/22)
  • You get 1 warning for inappropriate content. Only 1.
  • The second infractions will short ban
  • Additional infractions will result in longer ban periods.
  • 3 bans and you're out

Legal Stuff:
Operating a forum in many countries requires constant legal advice to help us navigate their ever-changing global Internet laws. We contract a 3rd party service whose sole responsibility is to keep themselves up to date on Internet law and in turn keep us on the up n up. They provide us with ‘live documents’ which are constantly being updated when new laws are introduced. In addition to the rules laid out above on the footer of every page you’ll find our Terms and Rules and Privacy Policy which must be followed as well.
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