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Advice on Rieju Ranger 200


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Aug 6, 2022
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Rieju Ranger 200 vs TSE250R?
$8600 $5600
253lbs 273lbs
Both have soft true enduro/trail suspension settings
Ranger has -2" lower ride than the race models, the TSE has +2" of height adjustment in the shock mounting so more adjustable.
Ranger no balancer shaft TSE counter balanced and very, very smooth.
Both lack top end power hit of race models
I think these are as close as they get today, a modern KDX 220 and a detuned, lowered, softened sleeved down 300 to 200cc.
The TSE probably has better support on the forums. If you have an issue, there are some very active forum users who have those bikes. The Ranger is supposed to be a very nice bike.

I have ridden some horribly balanced motors, it has been a while since I rode any 2 stroke that I thought needed a counter balancer. I do not have any seat time on a Ranger, to say if it needs one.
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