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Apps to keep track of other riders?

You can set WhatsApp to send you position to people for up to 8hrs at a go. Just keep restarting it as required. Cheap and easy. And you prob have it already.
The feature is built in to the Trail Tech GPS's but I've heard the range isn't great. All these rely on decent cell signal so their use is limited to more populated areas. Having a rider drop back and get lost can be a PITA and a huge time consumer. I do a little briefing when I remember if there's new riders along, be aware of who is behind you and if a turn (choice) comes up last guy waits to the next to show up. If you're lost from the group ride back to a place where you know everyone passed through and wait. The group backtracks along their route and will come up on the rider.

An alternative with a group who's familiar with each other and their riding speed is if you're on dirt, make a very distinct wheelspin that shows which choice was made at a junction. I've ridden with groups where everyone does that a little bit and as you come up to the junction you really don't have to slow down to see which way everyone went.

Out here it cam be a big issue, the canyons quiet all but the loudest motors, you can make a wrong turn and not see the group or the wayward rider for the rest of the day.

Thought I had read or heard about this feature with Garmins inreach, but damned if I can find it now. Of course, if it is a feature, everyone that you want to track has to have the inreach.
How deep down the rabbit hole does the whole group want to go?

If you and everyone in the group wants this ability, you could use APRSDroid. This would require everyone to obtain an amateur radio license, a small ham radio, a bluetooth TNC and an android device. I oftentimes use a handheld radio coupled with a Mobilinkd TNC paired to my phone running APRSDroid when on a vehicle based trip. Works great offline and should work on two wheels if you room for a small handheld radio.

Garmin Rino radios offer a similar feature utilizing GMRS frequencies, which technically requires a GMRS license. GMRS is an easier license to obtain since it is just a fee paid to the FCC. The Rinos work okay, but the Rino interface is outdated like all Garmins are and does not pair with a smartphone. The oldest Rino radios work with the newest Rino radios and everything in between.
Im going to give life360 a go this weekend to see how well it works. I'll be in an area with poor cell reception so I'm not expecting great things
Man, I get worried about my buddy's if I lose sight of them. It's only takes a moment to make a mistake, and you can go in to shock quickly.

I've never been in enough hurry to run off and leave someone behind. More fun to ride with friends, even if they're having a slow day.

The whattsap tracking thing is interesting. Curious why that's a feature at all.

Edit: I've never been out west. Here in Appalachia you can lose line of sight in 100'. Barring hayfields, 300' is a long ways. If you get separated here you get lost in a hurry
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I prefer to ride tight, but this is a situation where 3 of us have to join the ride at different times, from different directions
It's Adventurepalooza. The premier ride in Missouri. 4 tracks that start in different sides of the state and converge to one point. It's a 2-3 day ride depending on the track you choose. For us this year I'll be following along in the truck (frickin work injury still has me sidelined) my youngest will be leading our group on the track, my oldest has a test that morning and will be joining the group later that morning. Be good to know where everyone is.
Well fellers, life360 doesn't do too bad for this purpose provided you have cell coverage or WiFi for the "Dad" in the group. It will track fairly reliably for the "Sons" in the group even if they don't have signal. Tested extensively in the Mark Twain national forest. For those that are interested.
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