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April/May's Raffle - $1,500 in Parts Counter Credit


Jan 20, 2022
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St. Louis, MO
Last month I was late to invite the you all to our ARB Fridge giveaway. Not this month! I’m posting to tell you about the current giveaway!

$1,500 in store credit to the Irate Parts Counter!

The irate Parts Counter sells aftermarket truck and off-road related items to our members at a discounted price. As a member of ADVbikes I’d like to pass the discounts to you as well. I know it’s not bike specific stuff but, given the sites young age, I don’t have many connections in the bike world yet. You can get stuff for your truck, camping gear or even another one of those ARB Fridge’s if you didn’t get in on last month’s. After this raffle we’ll be targeting items that are more suited for this community. Until then, feel free to get in on this.

When we do raffles like this, they are usually to raise money for something. Right now, we’re raising money for legal fees. No, we’re not in trouble, but we don’t want this board or irate4x4 ending up in the hands of Vertical Scope. It’s future planning to ensure that this community stays in the community’s hands. Forever. How do we do that? We’re not sure. We’ve tossed around several ideas, but they all boil down to needing legal advice and/or documents prepared. So, we’re doing Giveaways/Raffles in order to raise money to explore our options, define the process and help get that set up. I’m sure there will be a ton of questions along the way but we’ll be 100% transparent and seeking the community’s advice along the way.

So .. if you want to win some free stuff and/or help us solidify this community’s roots, you can get entered to win here!
:photog $1500 for parts, yup that is some serious prize money !
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