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Are We Adopting New Emissions Standards in 2024?


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Mar 28, 2022
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I found this article from Motorrad:

It questions why there still are carburated motorcycles for sale in the US. A quick look into our emission standards reveals that we are at the level of Euro 1 which dates back to 1999. The article suggests that CARB (California Air Resources Board) will align themselves to current European standards (Euro 5) and therefore a number of models will be eliminated from dealers' showrooms.

What do you all think?

My first thought was that it explained how Honda USA was able to bring in the Navi. If our emissions standards haven't changed in 2-3 decades we keep seeing models like the XR650L come back year after year. Some have asked Honda to update its XR650L for years. I think it's a chance for manufacturers to develop new and better models in lieu of old ones.
Seems like we don't need specific motorcycle legislation to adopt E5 standards when it could make more sense for motorcycle manufactures to produce models that can sell anywhere in the world.
Xr650l might be my next new bike.I already have a "cleaner" gen3 klr.
Holding out for an update from Honda?
Not at all. The xr is a bucket list bike for me. I decided on the klr for 2up comfort. But the xr is lighter and simple. Before I committed I had all the Emig parts picked out. I was going to lower the bike bike...slightly. The xr is a cool bike.. My 2007 rxv almost ruined me on modern tech. I also have 2022 tw for the simple life. I have always enjoyed both sides of the argument. So it is xr or smoker next. Basically the Feng shui of being a moto enthusiast. That is why I like the xr150l also. Mt03 chassis could be the next tw300...we never know!
Are you sure you don't mean an XR650R? You did say bucket list, after all. :photog

If you don't find an unmolested XR650R (they're still out there and can be made street legal in many states), have you looked at the CRF450L?
I have a few bikes...the 2007 rxv550 specs vs the 450. And a drzsm. The rxv is in another world. But my crappy xt225 has the most miles. The xt has run from -10° to 110°. Rode across frozen lakes. Got me to work. Taken on the worst trails...
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