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Auto chain oiler


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Feb 8, 2022
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Thinking about a auto chain oiler for my 1290. Bike is my commute ride and I also take it on trips so I ride a fair amount and find myself not lubing the chain as much as I should. Anybody got one they like? Opinions one way or the other? Am I going to waste my money?
Built a DIY one w/ a microdose pump triggered at selectable intervals by ticks from the speedometer sensor.. kind a ridiculous level of effort to make but it works well. Had it on the Bandit for 6yrs or so, now on the R6. Keeps the chain very clean (meaning, if I clean it not much dirt comes off even after months of riding) OTOH the left swingarm does tend to get dirty. On the Bandit with the oiler running I probably put something close to 40k on the chain, was still going strong when I wrecked it- that constant washing off of dirt really helps. I set the interval such that I get about 1 drip off the chain when the bike is on a sidestand after a ~30min ride. I use the cheapest 5w or 10w motor oil I can grab, the reservoir holds maybe 10 to 12 oz and lasts around a month of regular commute riding, or a couple weeks on a long trip.
I've used a Vacuum operated Scottoiler for many years on multiple bikes. I either use their recommended oil in it or ATF as it seems to work just fine too. It helps my chain to last longer and it's obvious how much easier the bike rolls with the freshly/constantly lubed chain compared to a dry chain that needs lubricated.
I had a Scott oiler on my previous DR650. Ran it for about 20k miles and it seemed to do a great job for me. It did have some sling off that got oil on my swingarm/CCS/Case saver but that was worth it for the ease of chain lubing. Need to get a new one for my current DR650 now.
Don’t really care about the sling off. My bikes are dirty anyway from the gravel driveway and I don’t have a lot of time to spend washing them. Like I said mostly just want to make sure they are maintained properly. Those of you with Scott oilers you use the electronic one or the vacuum? Thinking about picking up the x2.0 electronic. I don’t know that I want to clutter my bars up with the readout from the 3.0
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