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Aug 18, 2022
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Spring break is finished. The girls go back to school tomorrow and will be staying there for the remainder of the school year. Today we clocked 80km with participating parents. Some of the mothers are on board wanting to improve their fitness. Pool, gym and power limited ebikes - enough to flatten hills. The goal is to teach them to do it for themselves. Getting into a routine plus lifestyle changes. It's working. Some will stay for the rest of the school year.
And student pilots have made a lot of progress in the last two weeks. They will complete the training after school.

And further to this,... We are seeing good gains from our group of mums. A kilogram per week and similarly good strength and aerobic improvement. In a few weeks there has been a noticeable visual change and already their cloths are too big. We have budding film makers chasing them around documenting their progress and posting a series of 6min shorts to club forum. Hopefully motivational for others. We'll keep going through July, maybe August.

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