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45 minutes on the smart trainer with Zwift. I'm not bored yet. And we're looking at real rain come Monday. We had hail Friday night and rain again last night. Hard rains and wind that was loud enough to wake me.
I've been sort of trying to maintain a steady power output, but I'm really bad at it. Too many years of riding by feel of effort or road resistance is the culprit. My goal really is to just keep my cadence up and put the time in on relatively flat stuff. There are sharp little 11% peaking climbs on the Central Park sky routes. Exploring in these virtual world is less interesting than the Kinomap exploring.
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Did 1:15 today on Kinomap and the smart trainer. Finished the week with a bit over 4 hours. No pain, just sore quads from that month of sitting.

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 1.59.39 PM.png

This was a fun route. A lot of it I'd done on the back of a friends motorcycle and a good bit more of it walking with my wife back in 2007.


There was some climbing to be worked. Three or four little stingers. Not too long, but they got steep in spots.

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 1.57.21 PM.png

I don't get quite as hard of work on Kinomap as on Zwift. But, I was slower than the video speed on the steep stuff. I managed to keep my HR down in Zone 2 more.
I ended the workout sweaty, but not exhausted. There is a nice long spin at the end as well as a short warmup spin at the front end. Where Zwift routes always seem to have a bigger effort right off the start. Back when I was riding indoors during lockdown, I would do short flat spins first then do the harder effort sessions to complete. Now, that I'm able to get an hour on the trainer I'll see how I do this next week.

Our next storm has just begun to show up in the last hour, spitting rain on the windows with plenty of wind and a lot chillier temperatures.

I think this is going to work well for this recovery.

Oh, and I figured out the auto upload issue. It seems when creating the original Kinomap account I needed to do so by connecting Strava, but that was not an option back in 2020. And is not fixable now, unless I created a new account. The auto upload from Zwift is working just fine and I can manually download the files to then upload to Strava from Kinomap. So, I've got enough options to keep me interested and entertained until the weather gets nice.
Here at the extreme south end of Orange County on coast is fine. Blowing with rain, but no where near as much rain has LA and parts north and central.

We have a forecast through the 10th for aerial flooding which is a slow building possible flooding. We are 120' above sea level and a half mile back and a block from the nearest drainage which is of course a paved street.

In other news, I did 46 minutes on Zwift this morning. The best workout route I've ever had on any app. Nice long warmup over flat to rolling roads then bigger rollers with short little kicks just to keep me shifting and working hard. It is a 90 minute route and I stopped at the first lap because the battery was all but dead on my watch, 5% left. And the phone I was running the app with was also low on power. I'd left the phone on the charger overnight, but it was not quite sitting right so didn't actually charge, or a cat knocked it a bit. No idea.
The watch had a bunch of apps running I did not know were still running. Kinomap had been running since the day prior.

It is definitely harder work on Zwift than Kinomap thanks to others to chase and sprints and KOMs.A lot of really fast riders going by.
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Here it is ice and snow above 1000m, occasional freezing rain (that warms very quickly) below. Often riding through cloud base. Sometimes on top. That is glorious. Riding or doing anything outdoors we have to learn to stay warm and dry. It is not unique though, just look at all the northerners in the US and Canada on the other forum. I enjoy riding the Wilier Rave with gravel tyres on winter roads.

Road geometry with room for 40mm tyres has become a hit btw. Great on poor winter roads in horrible weather and urban roads and cycle paths in any conditions. My steel and Ti bikes are used mostly for the latter. Rave is highly recommended for everything and Colnago C68 Allroad peaks my interest.

Zwift fliers... It is interesting to see their Strava profiles.
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Heading into the weekend with 4 hours of trainer time built. I'm a bit tired from it. The London climbs for an hour and a half wore me out yesterday.
Today it was Innsbruck. I took the short and latest route, still had a sharp enough climb each lap. Only managed a little over an hour 3 and a third laps.

We had enough rain overnight to flood the sidewalk next to the house. I got wet feet in my flip-flops getting the bins to the curb. Swept the water off into the flowerbeds, so it could rain twice more. Little drizzle shower storm cells slowly blowing through today.
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About a half hour on the trainer today. I used Kinomap in Japan. Pretty cool. Not real tough, but I managed to spend the balance of my time in zone 2, so that works.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 10.38.00 AM.png Image 2-19-24 at 10.36 AM.jpeg
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Another 45 minutes on Zwift this morning. Might be the last indoor ride. We'll see how the week goes. We are supposed to get 70°F by Friday. Looks to be mid to high 60's next week and dry.
I'll need two solid months of work to get myself back in the groove and begin to make up the gap on my progress. The Zwift workouts do work me harder. That dog chasing the postman thing.

The Apple Health app does an odd thing where it records the cumulative distance every five minutes, then ends up totaling it all from Strava. I have to go in and delete all the intermediate recordings to correct the total. I can't figure why anybody would want that to work like that. Makes no sense. So far I've not figured out how to fix it other than after the fact manual editing.

Not a high priority on my part.

Cleared off the workbench yesterday when I got distracted setting up the trainer and running out of time. But, I got the area cleared up a bit better. Still need to deal with a few more things down there.
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It is all happening here. Carnival week last week. It's a school holiday. I actually managed to get some riding in. This week I am away again for a few days and (while away) the best I'll do on the bike is a few Zwift sessions..
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