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Jun 1, 2022
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Martinsburg, WV
Besides Cardo and Sena, who else plays in this space?

Edit: would like the unit to have bike-to-bike Mesh communications as well as be able to Bluetooth to my music source, provide intercom function and use it to take and make phone calls.
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Freedconn is made in China but gets pretty good reviews. I just received mine, the model is T-comm VB and I bought it in the Temu app after my Girlfriend's daughter recommended the app. These are ~$60 on Amazon but this app is always pushing promo deals so I got it with some other stuff for $28 and change. It's charging now.

Edit: I just installed the clamp mounting bracket, speakers and mic, first time for me but I watched a video the other day. I had to carve the speaker reliefs a few millimeters wider to fit them but otherwise easy, sticky back velcro to hold them in place, wires are held by top pad and cheek pads. Sound goes loud while standing still, I haven't ridden with it yet.
I started up Google maps and noticed driving mode was engaged, just like in my work van with Bluetooth in the dash.

Manual says this will connect to 2 other units, and there's a page on connecting to different manufacturer's comms as well.
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I just bought the Tnicer cheapo of Amazon. Would not recommend. The "noise canceling " is non existent. It also doesn't go loud enough to be heard over the wind noise that it's supposed to be canceling.

If you're needing to actually synch up to other helmets and talk to people you're riding with, I'm no help.

If you just want to Bluetooth music/calls/gps to your helmet, I loved my old ebay $25 comms. Better sound, more volume and WAY more battery life compared to my Senas. The Chinese ones were much simpler to use as they didn't have as many "features". But all I want to do is listen to music occasionally and be available if my wife needs something. Been riding with buddy's that have comms also and we've never discussed connecting them 😁
Thanks to all for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

I edited my original post to add this: would like the unit to have bike-to-bike Mesh communications as well as be able to Bluetooth to my music source, provide intercom function and use it to take and make phone calls.
Thanks Amos Malone. I like the fact that it is open source code but many of the places we ride have no cell service.
Cardo pack talk gets my vote. They just work. Set it up once, and forget it.

From Cardo's website.​


Our management policies guide how we operate and incorporate
sustainability at the core of our business


Have the Packtalk Black myself, and it has worked with all other Cardo units I've tried. Mixing in a Sena is hit or miss as the only non-Cardo units I've connected to.

Don't have a good gauge of range, I always seem to connect with others when riding in mountains with curves. LOL
Bit late to the table but the Cardo Packtalk Edge has been flawless for me. I only ride with 2 other people and every time we go for a ride we are instantly connected. That never happened with the Sena stuff we had before...YMMV
I now use a Sena device. Their app is complete and utter horse shit that doesn't seem to work. Its primary function, IMO, is to collect data and nothing else. Why use the app when you can connect to 2 or maybe 3 others on your phone and have a conference call of sorts? You don't need the app to use YT, Rumble, Soundcloud, or some other audio/video app, or to use your phone for conversations.
Cardo just had a major software update and from what I gather you can now connect one Cardo DMC unit (Edge,Neo and Custom) to a Sena Mesh 2.0 unit, using a bluetooth bridge. Multiple riders using both systems they can now all talk to each other using Mesh/DMC from each system..
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