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BLM wants to close 437 Miles of trails in Moab


Jan 20, 2022
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St. Louis, MO
I originally posted this on irate4x4, but I'm sharing here as it really applies to any type of offroad/public land usage. I know there are a lot of trails being threatened here that some here may be concerned about.

Here are a few links from irate4x4 that ADVb riders should be aware of:

Don’t let BLM Close 437 Miles of the Most Popular Trails on Earth in Moab’s Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges Travel Management Plan
Recently the Bureau of Land Management released the Draft Travel Management Plan for the Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges area. This is located in Southern Utah between Green River and Moab. World class OHV riding is found in this area and it’s extremely popular for many user groups. With National Parks, National Monuments and Wilderness Areas surrounding the Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges Area it is crucial that we fight for every inch in this Travel Management Planning Process.
Follow the link to see maps of effected trails.

WWW Bonus Episode: BlueRibbon Coalition’s Call For Help!!!

We have a special bonus episode for you today. This is a call to arms/call for help from the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) to help prevent the closure of hundreds of miles of OHV trails in Moab, Utah. Joining the show are Chelsey and Ben with BRC and they help educate us and our listeners on the current threat to our hobby. This is a very real and very well funded group that is attempting to close long time OHV areas in and around Moab.
Give a listen to the Wheeling, Wine & Whiskey Podcast on that page and hear about the threat, and more specifically, the best ways you can help. It is an 4x4 related podcast, but the people they are interviewing are directly active in protecting these lands.

More detailed info on the BRC's Website

Scroll down to the 'Add Your Voice' Section. This is the best way to let the BLM hear your voice. Lets use some of our membership power to let our voices be heard!

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