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Mar 28, 2022
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Coolest thing to come out in years!

BMW had an unveiling on You Tube today. And it's already on their website!

Available Spring 2024.

I just can't see past those Coleman farm bike foot pegs.

No offense, Danno
The only reasons I can think of is ergos and safety. Bikes with short seat to peg distances and mid mount pegs can have the rider's toes pointing down. A stump or curb will catch toes! So newbies can keep the toes pointing up. Totally sucks for standing up. Makes for great traction on the coleman.

I dont know why running boards and a super long seat is impossible to design.
Ape hangers? 😀
Any bike that is chest height...is like punching through a wall for ergos. In 2007 I was a test rider and pdi guy. The harley wideglide could hang a mean right turn from a stop with bar leverage. But ergos, rake/trail specs are not top priority. The accessory market growth vs industry? Hmm cool little bike but no...seat needs more height and length. Which would help the ape hangers. And midmout pegs. This is classic mc stuff...i dont get it. Colemans are minibikes sold at chain stores that can embarrass high dollar bikes in certain terrains. But the ergos are crap with a comical factor. More of a rodeo ride which ups the factor on trail speed. Weird stuff. I say another cruiser bike boom is about to start. Great bikes and crappy ergos and geometry. Good times! Thankfully we have good tires.
The 2 sets of foot pegs allow for 2 different riding positions (according to BMW). The way I see it, it allows you a sporty position when you're riding solo and allows you to carry a passenger. I am digging the 14" wheels. This will leave every mini moto behind. Pretty much everything else too anywhere in the city.

First reviews are coming in. This one is in German. BMW launched the CE 02 in Lisbon. A 100% urban 2 wheeler.

Sorry but most of these electric scooters just look ugly and impractical to me. One of the appeals of a scooter for me is the built in storage and this has none.

Did I mention that this thing is ugly?
To each his own. I think it looks cool. I'll throw a leg over the CE 02 when it pops up at my local dealership.

The review shows quality components and the usual BMW quirkiness. I test rode a Zero FXE last summer and I was blown away by the overall performance. And there's something really pure about the riding experience an electric 2 wheeler gives you. Electric makes for great urban transportation where range doesn't matter.
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