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BMW RxxxxRT Bikes - R1150RT R1200RT R1250RT


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Feb 8, 2022
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Virginia, USA
Here's a few pictures of mine out and about - a ton of great roads near me in the western part Northern Virginia close to the border with West Virginia and Maryland.



A 2002 R1150RT was my re-entry bike after a 17 year absence from riding. I rode it through 19 states during my travels and last year sold it to a 30 year old who loved it for what it is. So many miles....so many memories...







I had a 2005 hex-head RT. I put more miles on that thing than any other bike. I got a Wilbers suspension for it right away. I think the stock rear spring is too strong for the shock and the stock non-adjustable front shock has overly stiff damping. I got the set of rebuildable shocks from the Wilbers guy in NJ. It was better but I was undewhelmed even after painstakingly setting up the damping and pre-load. After 20K or so, I had both shocks rebuilt a Beemershop in CA. They set these things up beautifully and they seemed to feel more like Ohlins. The bike was magical from then on.

I bought a new '17 wet-head and sold the '05 to a friend with about 90K miles on it. He's still riding the wee out of it.

These were the last bikes you could set valves with just feeler gages (...4) and no shims. If you do it right, you never have to touch the throttle-body synch and they run smooth a silk. They're just wonderful bikes to own.
I've had a '99 (I think...been awhile), a 2008, and currently have a 1983 R80Rt (for sale).

The 99 was the first BMW I've owned and had 118k on it when I bought it, but I'm looking for another 1100 or 1150 now as it was my preference over the 2008. The 99 just seemed to fit me better and I'm becoming a bit of a Luddite I think.

Bought the 83 on a whim and have barely ridden it in the 3+ years since. It has 85K on it and needs some cosmetic attention, I had planned to get everything to strip the fairing off and just make a standard out of it, but here I am.
83R80RT (10).jpg

Here's a shot of my repainted '05 just before I sold it to a riding buddy. I'd just purchased the '17 wet-head on the right to replace it. The '05 looked so good, I was having buyer's remorse. ...Which bike has 90,000 miles?
I'm still in the market for a touring machine and found what is (I think) a great deal on a 2002 R1150RT with 74K miles on it ($1400). Anything I should be looking for? Those have the servo brakes right? I just missed a 2003 K1200GT for about $2k, I'm a fan of K's in general but the only ones I'm finding now are overpriced or are the giant LT models.
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