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Feb 8, 2022
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Seattle WA
OK I need some riding "shoes" I got some of the AlpineStars Jam Air, CE rated, nice stiff sole, but SKINNY tow box. Not sure sizing up will help much.

What do you guys like for city riding? Ideally good airflow, don't care about water proof. CE ideally, stiff sole.
TCX Vibe/Rush for daily beaters that I need to walk around in also, they don't wear out my feet pretty comfy, good feel of shifter and on the ground. Alpinestar SMX when I'm out roaming.
Double h cowboy boots around town and danner rainforest lace ups when raining or going all out.
Both free from work so that may have swayed my decision making process mildly.
Birkenstock has an attractive option..At $400+

Kidding, Around town and if I am walking too I have a pair of Bates Tazer. I really like them

For travel I have AXO Freedom wp . They are tall but have cable tightening so pants go over easy.

For trail and Moto, I have Tech 3s cuz Ima low tech kind of guy.

Hope this helps, and if you rock the Birks.. post up picts
Just heard about a guy loosing a foot last weekend in a MX race. He was wearing what they called motocross high tops. I never knew they existed. I am surprised they let him on the track with shoes like that.
Alpinestars SMX all day long. Can walk miles in them right out of the box.
Been using these since learning hard lessons with steel toe boots on the street.

They have a legit traction sole. They aren’t some silly flat sole bullshit. Some of what passes for “street boots” we call slippers around here.

Gaerne Fastbacks and Alpine Starts Tech 7 ENDURO Boots

These Gaernes saved my Ankle, while I still broke both the Tibia and Fibula

The most comfortable shoes I own:
Amazon product ASIN B09N9Z145F 60 bucks.
They seem to be very well made. I've worn them for 10 or 11 days since I bought them, and now I don't want to wear any other shoes. I think I'll get the Chikei Adventure boots a try for a taller touring boot.

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