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Bypassing the closed portions of NEBDR - July 2023


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Feb 12, 2022
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Since I was planning on riding the NEBDR starting 21 July, and I know VT isn't going to be cleared out by then...

I started looking at a bypass. Having pieced together something, I figured I'd share it for input and to help out anyone else looking for options. Yeah, I know, I'm linking back to the old forum, but that's where the files are saved.

Section 3-4 bypass.jpg

The way it works is this... once you enter Massachusetts, you detour from NEBDR onto the Trans-Mas-Trail (.gpx file here on post 36 https://www.advrider.com/.../trans-mass-trail.../page-2...).

From the Trans-Mas, you hop onto one of three options for the Tomato (.gpx file here, first post https://www.advrider.com/.../tomato-trail-trans-ma-to.../).

The Tomato will dump you on the Hampster trail (.gpx here, first post https://www.advrider.com/.../hampster-ride-dirt-route.../), either at the start or the mid point (depending on above choice).

Hampster runs smack into the NH sections of NEBDR.

Any locals have insight into whether southern NH would be passable along that route? Or is it hit as hard as VT?
I live so far from the NE and I might be too old before I knock off other BDRs closer to home. It's really cool to see there are BDR routes in the NE!
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