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Feb 8, 2022
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Looking for pretty much anything used online these days is fraught with frustration in respect of it seems to me at least the whole place is full of chancers trying their hand at making a fast and inordinately unfair buck.
Accepted many things have risen new and used but the prices being asked are utterly stupid and its inflating asking prices out of control almost.
On ebay week in week out the same stuff listed at quite frankly insane prices just sit there and never a bid or any change.
Its slightly better on The face book sales sites dedicated forums for car bike parts etc but even there you get chancers.
I car and bike parts its got to a stage its folly to buy in these times unless you are absolutely desperate and buying new is often the same or strangely cheaper than the asking price from some sellers for used stuff.
We went through a period in the mid 90s similar but no way as bad, about the only thing different now is scrap is higher prorata than it was then, and of course in used cars the CATnalytic converter thing is inflating car prices too.
I sold my '16 FZ 07 and replaced it with a '16 FZ a couple years ago. Paid $7k cash for the 07 new. I miss the 07 and decided I'd buy a cheap one and re-body it to suit me. Used ones are going for what I paid new for it 7 yrs ago.

Kinda related, we've got a New Holland TC30 tractor my Dad bought new for $13k. They go for $15k+ now. People are fed up with the electronic shite and are willing to pay for the good old tech.
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