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DPF cleaning


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Feb 8, 2022
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DPF cleaning ?
DPFs are IMO an annoying but inevitable aspect of running newer diesels today, many cars equipped with these things are getting some wear on them now and are not necessarily running at their peak anymore.
The DPFs themselves are not immortal by any means and do require cleaning and replacement at times.
Here is a test on 9 different DIY chemicals often claimed by the masses to clean DPFs, i personally know a chap who apparently has cleaned several DPFs with coca cola, and they apparently seem to have received a new lease of life using this technique.
Have you had any success cleaning DPFs with any home brew techniques, if so please share your findings.
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exactly why I have a hard time to give up my 2008 non-DPF truck , for a new truck with DPF>
I tried to clean one. It was so plugged a garden hose would not run through it.

Pressure washer, air, draino, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid. Capped one end and would let it sit for a few hours.

It cleaned out a little, but still didn't seem great to me. Was enough to sell the truck
Well! an update, my curent daily drive an astra j wagon 1.7cdti (Isuzu engine) had a clogged DPF and being a welded in unit, i decided to go for a cheaper long perion dpf clean, and opted for the coca cola clean routine, and i blocked the pipe off and stood the pipe verticaly and added 4 litres of coca cola which complretely filled the dpf and section of exhaust, and i left the dpf for 11 days.
The results were good lats of gluck came out and after a thorough rinse and refit, no more eml and after 2k miles no repeat eml illumination and the soot is gone from the exhast gasses now. Coca cola works just be sure to leave it ten days or more.

PS a tip i used to seal the pipe, was a old radiator hose off an hilux i hose cliped it on and used a flat welding clamp to seal/ flatten the hose worked perfectly.
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That's wild. I didn't realize these things were such a hassle.

Seems like a lot of goings on for the end user to deal with while offering no real benefit to anyone.

Modern diesels run incredibly clean ( if kept away from the bros), so these things just catch a little soot fluff here and there? But then you either chunk the old filter in the landfill or sit in your yard dumping the fluff out while adding extra chemicals on top of that? I admittedly don't know what I'm looking at, but just at a cursory view they literally seem like they create more issues than they "fix".
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My truck it too old to care, but now I am curious: I thought the US cracked down on DPF delete kits for the newer Ford/Chev/Durges ?

quick internet search shows you can still buy all the DPF Delete stuffs online ..:hmmmmm

My truck it too old to care, but now I am curious: I thought the US cracked down on DPF delete kits for the newer Ford/Chev/Durges ?

quick internet search shows you can still buy all the DPF Delete stuffs online ..:hmmmmm

"For Offroad Use Only"
Only reinforces why I hate modern stuff loaded with electronics and emissions gadgets. Makes me love my vintage Hondas and '95 Silverado 5.7 with throttle body injection even more
The newer Diesels, here generaly over around 90BHP have DPFs and cats from the late 90s re cats and about 2006/7 ish for DPFs. its been a problem more or less from day 1.
The tow the party line brigade will spout, stuff like, "If your engine is running properly and you clean your EGR or replace it this is good for the engine Environment, regen DPFs and blah blah blah!"
Some half truths in that kind of attitude, but its not the full story. And if anyone doubts my caution, just check out an EGR equiped 1.9TDI intake manifold, in fact i will go one further and say, lookn at the . 1.6(1560cc / PSA/ Ford engines) . These are a very tough engine, rev for England and Economical powerful for small lumps, but Despite their Hondaesque style of longevity and inherent design strengths, the fact is they die prematurely from EGR direction effectively causing clogged intakes and turbo pressurec issues which not only restrict flow, but the resultant turo problems, end up being oil and oil strainer issues resulting in cloged turbo oil pipe/ galaries causing catastrophic turbo faliure, with the resultant turbo debris contamination of the entire engine internals, only a full strip down can ensure a reliable repair. not really practical on a 200k £400 value car with a wrecked turbo. A shame because cars with Hollowed out cats hollowed out DPFs and EGR blanks with software adjustments to prevent EMLs and limp modes being thrown up. will cover 500k 700k miles with just oil every 4k miles and oil and filter every 8k. yet egr / stock cars no matter how well serviced do around a half that or even less/ fuel air.
The whole emissions thing, is a huge fraud, EGRS DPFs Elysy fluid / addblue ... all a excuse the pum piss poor attempt at cleaning up the environment, whoever thought it was a good idea to fit DPFs and save up a shit load of soot etc to be burned off at 3k rpm and upon a regen of the DPFs is not really solving a problem its just saving it until latter to clear ill placed emissions laws upon approval .
everybody knows the VW fiasco, and we now know exactly why the VWS and others made the power and yet allegedly met emissions standards.
Smaller engines less power use less fuel less fuel less emissions, If your Running say a 121CI turbo Diesel like some Issuzu Trucks, Just gear them down to help the small engine still drag the loads the big old coal rollers do but at a slower highway speed. maybe if we as a world are serious about our environment, we need to look at a return to 55MPH highway speeds and in much lighter smaller and smaller engines vehicles. Fitting emissions crap even on economical powerful TDIs just kills engines prematurely, a price carried by the consumers progressively down the line, until the poorest amongst us end up with the high mileage DPF equipped cars and have to jump through hoops to prolong the life of these cars, that if free of all the crap would survive all too well all by themselves with just rudimentary servicing.

A fit fast healthy diesel, is way better for all concerned than a choked up clogged DPFed car spewing soot and crap randomly on the Regen poses will nilly around the planet.
But we are fed the koolade of go Ev and we can indeed be sure, EVs don't produce emissions in use, but what they are plugged into will still make emissions or a carbon footprint of some kind.
there is no free lunches here, so toughen up get real and lets get light slow and powered small and economical, or get out that bicycle if your truly Green.
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