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Dual Venture vs. TKC80 on the front?


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Mar 18, 2022
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Santa Cruz
Working on the ideal tire setup for ADV trips. We usually crush a couple hundred miles of pavement before hitting the dirt. I've run the Motoz Tractionator GPS front, the Motoz Adventure front, Trailmax Mission front and the Shinko 804.

Tractionator: Decent on the road, howls, ok offroad but 60/40 at best.
Motoz Adv: HATE it on the road. Falls into corners, kinda scarry. Offroad great.
Shinko: Ok on the road, ok offroad, cheap, scallops as it wears.
TMM: Great on road, a little noisy but not bad, offroad it's fine so far but still 60/40 at best.

I'm pretty happy with the TMM or Tractionator GPS rear for 50/50 and the Motoz Adventure rear for offroad trips. I'm also ok with the TMM or GPS fronts for 50/50.

I'm looking for a good front the pair with the Adv rear for the more offroad trips. I'm thinking TKC80 or Motoz Dual Venture front. Anyone run both and have any feedback on performance on/off road?

'11 GSA with OE size 19" front wheel.
Not quite apples to apples since I'm running a 21" front but the Dual Venture was pretty good on Mt. Hamilton the other day. I definitely liked the TKC 80s when I had them on my GS except for their longevity.
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