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Evolution Era Harleys 84-98


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Feb 17, 2022
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I put my '98 Electra Glide up for sale two years ago for what I thought was an attractive price and got a few nibbles but no takers. I kept the bike and my wife and I are still enjoying it but in the past 6 months I've had numerous unsolicited offers to buy the bike.

I know that the used car market has been crazy and to a lesser extent the used bike market too. But I'm starting to wonder if the Evo Harleys might be getting to the point where values have bottomed out and are starting to rise. The youngest evos (like mine) are now approaching 25 years old.
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The evos are the best years. The 5 piece crank can be rebuilt and runs true. I am holding on to a last year shovel touring bike. The engine is probably worth more than the bike. I also have a softail revtech chassis build. Sooner or later I will liquidate...maybe.
Thread revival. I finally got tired of the electrical issues and sold my Electra Glide last fall. We liked the bike but continuing electrical gremlins and the fact that it had the notorious Magna Morelli (sp?) injection system that seems to be universally hated made me sell it.

It had 57,000 miles on it when sold and I think that the buyer got a decent deal for $5000. Here's the bike.

I'm on the lookout for a carbureted evo Road King which would give me everything I want without the associated electrics.
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