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Aug 16, 2022
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Are these still the mile-eater gold standard?

I'm about to embark on some LD riding, Saddle Sore's, LD rallies etc.

Trying to decide between comfy full-sized ADV or a sport tourer.
List your priorities for the ideal distance machine and what bikes you most enjoyed that sparked your interest in long distance riding. You can't go wrong with an FJR.
I would say they are a good solid LD Bike, a little lack lustre in the glitzy glamour appeal stakes these days given the ADV bike trend currently, But capable. most certainly.
If i wanted to chew up miles at a rate of knots like they were going out of fission, i might look at a zx14R, i had the good fortune to ride one of these things, and it was epicly awesome. Nuff said.
I don't follow the iron butt run but I believe the top three manufactures are BMW, Honda & Yamaha. Since the beginning of Iron Butt the average of manufacturers represented are:
and that is from about 1400 bikes participating. I would also guess that over the last 10 years, the vast majority of Hondas were GL1800s and the vast majority of Yamahas were FJR. I don't have any feel for the BMW breakdown.

Good luck. I think the FJR is a very reliable scoot.
This bike is on my mind to buy next. How does it handle around the curves in canyon/mountains?
I love my 14 FJR....except for the seat, I have a Russell day-long ordered and should have it at the end of Oct. Right now I can ride only around an hour before I have to get off and take a walk around. I am hoping that the new seat will make riding a tank out possible. Mine has been reliable as a hammer, as fun as a 22-year-old redhead with daddy issues.
Got the TCS light to flash exiting a corner this morning :rayof
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