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Floppy passenger foot rest


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Apr 22, 2022
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I have checked the fische but cannot understand why one of my rear foot pegs flops down when riding whilst the other doesn't.
the floppy one seems to have no friction to keep it in the up position.
Any thoughts?
I can't find a 2014 R1200LC , '04 latest I see.

Anyway , Max BMW parts fiche shows a compression spring in the passenger footrest.
The rubber on the foot-peg pushes against the metal hanger via a plastic spacer, that is all that holds the peg in position. Make sure the rubber is pushed all the way on to the peg.

Thank you. I suspect that is exactly the issue. I will report back when I n3xt ride but I do think it was not contacting as hard as it could have been.

And it didn't cost anything!!
LOL. Well the simple fix of pushing the rubber down against the base of the metal actually was the fix.

And Flossy is my partner not "floppy""!
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