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foot control possession seat height and seating ????.


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Feb 8, 2022
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I have led a very sheltered life, i got through 60 years and only ever rode bikes with basic mids or rear sets never forward controls.
Buying a cheap metric cruiser ( a small kawasaki vulcan 500 1993) i had forward controls, it felt sort of strange at first but in stock form i sort of took to it and acctualy saw the merits with a straighter leg in my older kness etc etc. With the stock raised cruiser bars and big very comfortable original vulcan seat about the only gripe was acctualy adjusting my arse on the seat it was a wriggle a squirm if you like not a standing hutching if you understand. any form of on feet riding was akin to a circus act and definately not practical or that safe with the small frame and reach back cruiser bars. The kawasaki quickley got stripped lightened de chromed and minimalised the cruiser bars replaced by some 30mm sportster bars which improved things a lot for me personaly and soon the seat went and a small solo sprung seat was installed, certainly a rerograde step in comfort going from the most comfortable motorcycle seat i ever encountered to the most uncomfortable seat by a country mile, and in fact about 1 mile is all you can do without hating that seat.:lol2
But lost a few LBS weight and lost a few inches off the seat hight, which kind of ruled out the sportster bars for my tastes, and i sold them and was luckily given a pair of 30mm Triumph speedmaster clubman type flat drag bars which though a little hunched over the tank at highway speeds it was good on the arms and they were keepers.
So explaining how i got here and where i am at the questions.
Is there a sweet spot if you like where front footrests can be moved back

to enable practical standing without that clown like pelvic thrusting arms at your hips ungainly verging on dangerous style posture can be avoided, bearing in mind i am on a miniscule metric cruiser not a big old harley. ?
And seats. Is there such a thing as a bobber/ chopper seat pad material that offers some degree of basic comfort over the pure unadulterated pain i got right now,? And without the need to resort to multiple inches of plush padding to acchieve that level of comfort?
there must be some secret chopper seat principle that acchieves this sureley. :lol2
Long footboards would be ideal on many bikes. Aka banana boards. The wife's 883 has mid controls and highway pegs. I can still shift and brake with my heels when using the highway pegs. The problem with feet foward is bad roads. And there is no control from a midmount position. It is a pity that so many sportsters get swapped over to foward controls when highway pegs would have worked the mid mount controls from both positions.

Some scooters have this idea perfected. Every position from feet foward to feet underneath. One day my atv tire minibike will get a full length board...maybe a skate deck cut in half.
I got a '02 r1150r a couple yrs ago and didn't like the knee/foot position. I put a set of gs mounts and pegs on it , moved the pegs forward and down a little. Much more comfortable for my 64 yr old knees
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