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Formula 1 2022

Amos Malone

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Apr 15, 2022
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Any fans here?
Will Leclerc steamroll the competition?
Is Ferrari back to winning ways?
Is Russell really second in the championship after 3 races?
Is the highest placed previous champion in 5th?
What is going on?
Russell is the new #1 at Merc. Lewis is just done. It is painfully obvious that his heart isn't in it. Sure, the car stinks, but great drivers elevate the bad car, like Senna at Lotus, or Alonso at Ferreri, or Kimi at Sauber. His race at Imola was pathetic. I am a Ferrari fan, always have been and I am glad to see them have a car that is competitive, but their race management needs a lot of work. LeClerc is great but the choice to put him on soft cost way more than it gained at Imola.

New car regulations certainly have mixed the field up, and there is good racing in the mid pack.
Awesome race in Miami today with my fellow Dutchman winning the race!!!

PS: It was fricking hot today! 🥵
No I didn't want to deal with traffic and the overpriced tickets. Sitting in the AC watching on TV = priceless. You see a lot more too btw...
The coverage was excellent with no commercial interruptions and they showed a lot of the background stuff incl. that idiot reporter... :rofl
We also have F1 tv so we could pick any driver we wanted to follow using the on board cameras. Handy when the yellow flag came out. Both Max and Charles gave an excellent performance. To me it was a huge success .
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Good race in Montréal. First half was a bit slow but I’m glad Max won ,but the last couple of laps were close… Carlos Sainz did a great job putting the heat on the Redbull driver…
What I saw was good. When things settled down, I had to rest my eyes from the 125 miles woods ride yesterday. Listened though.
Super Max lives up to his namesake. If I had the skills to handle Formula 1 cars, Ferrari could offer me one billion dollars and I still wouldn't want to drive for them. It has to be maddening. Poor Charles is aging fairly quick. I suspect he'll look old and worn out by the time he leaves the team.

Max is certainly talented, and the RB is seriously fast car, tailored to him. If this continues he could end the season with the largest point gap in the championships history.
I'd take a Ferrari drive if it was offered. :-)
I've worked for a company in the past that made me feel as if I was being driven crazy. No amount of money is worth that amount of trouble. I imagine the internal politics at Ferrari are a lot alike.
My brother worked for an Italian company and the internal politics have driven him away, as well as all the employees he had hired here in the US.... No original crew left that started the subsidiary 20 years ago.... I can imagine it isn't better at Ferrari...
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