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a mari usque ad mare
Feb 9, 2022
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Post latest news, or rumours. Pertinent comments on past seasons. Upcoming shit. So long as it is relative to F1. Scottish drivers.

Looking forward to the new cars this season
Hopefully it is like the late 70s/early 80s, where each season there was a new break through and someone other than Jerry won.

Or better yet the 60s! All Scots. All the time! Fuck you all if you are not a Scot!


And for you non-Perfect-Folk, this is what we have for brekky. This is a British fry-up (fuck the sassenachs):


If one is not a Scot, that is okay, too. After all, we need someone to be better than.
I'm interested to see how George Russell mixes it up in the Merc. Its always a wildcard with the new car designs -- sometimes some one cracks the code and comes up with something that allows them to make a significant jump against the competition along the lines of Braun and the double diffusor business.
I've only been to a couple of F1 races, Singapore and Baku

BAKU F1 Grand Stand, in Azerbaijan

I'm still grumpy.

I keep saying I'm done with the whole thing.

But in the 50+ years I've been following this shite I keep coming back for some reason.
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My bold fixes for the FIA to make this about bloody racing on the track again, not about boffins analyzing data points;
  • no live data acquisition aside from critical safety information from the car to the pit wall, data can only be downloaded in the pit garage with the engine off
    • ends driving to a dash display delta that 400 engineers are number crunching thousands of miles away
    • driver has to make his own tire calls
    • driver has to monitor his own fuel use
  • No in-car radio to and from teams, all in-car is strictly to race control for safety only
    • ends the coaching from the pit wall
  • return to the pit board - how much pertinent info can you cram onto a 1M x 2M sign?
  • end DRS, it's fake racing
  • make tire choices flexible (like V8 Supercars)
    • 1 tire team per side has to handle both wheels, 2.4 second pitstops are a thing of the past
    • option of changing fronts, rears or all 4 which adds a time element to pit stops
    • ability to mix tires, hards on rear, mediums on front for example - throws a whole new dynamic which will be exciting for fans to watch
  • 100% virtual safety car, cars remain spaced as they did when racing suspended, technology has rendered Maylander to a has-been
    • end the Briatore era where a backmarker crash can effect an entire championship
    • if it's a really bad situation that's what the Red Flag is for
All of the above could be implemented quickly at almost no cost to the teams and do not effect the ability to develop pertinent technologies for non-F1 use. Nor do they compromise the series from being the pinnacle of motorsports.

Obviously bigger changes like reduced aero packages would help even more but now we're getting into car redesign. These would be a start at least.
I'd open things up and give them a single budget cap for everything. You want a top tier driver? Pay for them, but be aware that your aero budget might take a hit. Your car needs more time in the tunnel? Do as much as you want, but power unit development may suffer.

Stop strangling innovation. As long as safety isn't impacted, let the teams experiment within a much looser formula.
I like the cap idea but how do you police it with a myriad of 3rd party suppliers and technology support companies?

To your example, my daughter's BF is a wind tunnel engineer at a major aerospace company, some of his projects are verification work for some of the F1 team's tunnels (your data agrees with my data, remembering the Ferrari debacles). So let's say you have 25 hours tunnel time permitted by F1 does the test subject calibration & data verification count against that or is it purely when the 2/3rd car model is on the rolling road?

Just too many ways to cheat the budget cap but I'm all for loosening the formula, especially fuel rails. You get your 110KG, how you use it is up to you. Reminiscent of "our Nige" in Dallas!
When Red Bull decided to get into F1 the initial 2 cars and parts was $500,000,000.00
...plus apparently a whole lot of mansplaining from a bunch of guys who'd scored less than 50 points in 5 seasons!

Newey goes into the acquisition in depth in his book. Apparently the ex-Ford crew were more than happy to "school the soda makers" in the fine art of Grand Prix racing!
Rumor is, that between the prize money & sponsorship $, MB's total cost to play in F1 is under $20M!

I have a feeling that they will pull a Porsche after Lewis retires though.
Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 7.52.40 AM.png

Notice a careful avoidance of the word "cancel" in here? Presumably, if the Ukranians say thank you Russian Overlords for saving our country and killing all those Nazis then we can all go racing in Sochi again?

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