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Max's win streak has ended. Oh well. Singapore has never been RB's best track. Proclaim Max champion and let the rest of the grid have at second and third place pickings.
That was still a great race to watch! Congrats to Carlos! Shame that Russel lost it just before the end… Max knew that this wasn’t going to be great for RB so on to the next race.
What was your guy’s favorite race ever?

I’d have to pick Malaysia 2001. All kinds of crazy things happened in that race. Huge downpour, Schumacher went from last to first, Max’s dad led briefly even (possibly the only time he led a GP).
The qualifying in Monaco is where it’s at as the race itself is a matter of tactics and staying on pole which can either be boring or exciting if the team f’s up the tire changes and back in the day the refueling…
In 82' I lived in Long Beach Ca. On the Grand Prix racecourse. The event was fantastic.F1, Bikes, sidecars for days. I could not tell you who won any of the races that weekend. But back then there were no security issue. You could go anywhere you wanted . Even as far a walking the course at night. I have never been to another event like it. And the race went past my house ( apartment)
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