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From Sea to Shining Sea - TAT 2023


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Feb 8, 2022
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Da' UP, eh!? (Upper Michigan)
So....in just a few days (weather dependent...it snowed here this morning!:dirtdog ), three of us will be setting off from northern Michigan on a grand adventure to ride the entire Trans America Trail!

This thread is what we will use to post pictures to during the trip, that we want to share with friends, family, and of course all of you rapscallions that normally hang out here.

I've been here on ADVBikes for a while, and on that other site for a really long time. The other two guys I'm going with (U.P.Gordie & limbshot3 ) are not much into forum posting...make them feel welcome.

Here is our route. The main track is in cyan/magenta segments of 200 miles each, and the other colors are shortcuts, bypasses, ways to get lost, etc!


I will be riding my trusty Honda Africa twin:


Limbshot3 (aka Jim) will be on his Royal Enfield Himalayan:


U.P. Gordie will be on his shiny new Tenere 700. No pic's of Gordie on his new ride, so here he is on his old KTM 990:


Gordie and I have been on lots of local riding adventures together...and a couple of big trips including the Continental Divide ride and the MABDR. Jim joined Gordie and I on the MABDR.

We hope to be able to post a few highlight pictures every day or so...depending on cell service.

Hope you enjoy following along...:ricky
Subscribed! 😎 Have a safe trip and keep an eye out for weather, as some sections of the TAT will become mud-bogs with heavy rain..... :bluduh
Bob is definitely our wagon train master. Thanks for all your work Bob. This trip has been the reason I started in this sport 3 summers ago. Looking forward to the challenge and the scenery.
Hi Bob & Gordie:
Subcribed to your TAT adventure.
Would have joined you in the Western states if I wasn't out of the country.

Have a great trip!

Update.... it's May 2nd and still snowing.

We've got 10"+ inches of heavy, wet, cement like snow.

Power has been off and on several times in the past 24 hours.

Will we be able to hit the road tomorrow? Stay tuned...
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