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Fuel can pump?? Anyone use one?


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Feb 9, 2022
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Looking to add a pump , electric or manual to my 5.5 gal VP cans.There are a bunch on amazone with mixed prices and reviews though they all look to be from the same Manufacturer . As often is the case.
None of them say that they fit the VP exactly..
What do you all use aside from Gravity?
The VP cans travel well and are a good size but can be problematic to pour neatly into the dirt bikes.
Thanks IA
I have seen and been planning on putting a 3/4” ball valve then the hose or a short nipple. Up end the can and turn the valve. Doesn’t answer your question butt fuck it.
Do you cans have the flexible hose? That's what I use and rarely spill a drop on the bike.

Do you cans have the flexible hose? That's what I use and rarely spill a drop on the bike.

Thanks for the response, Yes I have that hose and it works fine. But the 5 gal can is a bit awkward ,mostly for my kid and his buddies. With 3 bikes going we have a lot of fill ups daily and there always seems to be at least one mishap
So I bought this..
Amazon product ASIN B084BW1XB4 Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1.03.44 PM.png
Not great, I had to do some customizing from the start. ( The seller offered to exchange but I didn't feel the need) But it fills the bikes well and the can stays on the ground. All in all a good piece of kit.
We ride almost daily and it has held up so far
Wondering if you could make the can sealed and (very lightly) pressurise it so fuel flows out? Pardon the crude drawing. :D

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 22.46.18.png
Genius!! But I'm dealing with teenage boys.. They would turn that into a competition after the first pump!! It sure would be fun to watch.. But possibly deadly. LOL
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