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Great source for Touratech stuff for less...


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Mar 18, 2022
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Santa Cruz
I just ordered new suspension for my '11 GSA. Got it from https://www.jumiparts.de

Prices on the site are in euros and include 20% VAT. If you order from USA the VAT is waived. I saved over $1000 going this route and service has been great. I've been in email contack with someone there for a couple of weeks and they have been great.

They have pretty much all the Touratech stuff as well as other brands. Shipping is via DHL flat rate of $50USD so small orders may not be worth it but on bigger ticket items or multiple items it might work out.

FWIW, I'm all for supporting local vendors and generally do, but saving $600 + another $400 in sales tax is real money.

I'll update this post once my order comes in.
I personally won't be going shopping all over creation just to save a few dollars, but there is nothing wrong with saving quite a bundle like you did. :thumb
Totally understand. I generally shop local or try to support supporting vendors. In this case, on a big ticket item that is not available from any local source I was happy to save a grand.

Well, customs threw a wrench in the works for some reason. They returned the shipment to the seller. He split it into two shipments and the first box arrived today and the other one should be here tomorrow. We have no idea what triggered the customs hold, but JumiParts was amazing, communicated well, and ultimately delivered.

I'll update this with some photos and more details once the other box arrives.
Final update...

All good. Product is 100% legit and a nice improvement. Final tally on savings is almost $2000. I'm calling it a win. I can definitely recomend Jumi. They were great to deal with and good communication. I'd not order little bits and bobs from them, but for big ticket items the savings is real.
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