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GS training with Jocelin Snow Aug. 5-6


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Mar 18, 2022
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Santa Cruz
I'm trying to put together a group training weekend with Jocelin Snow in Salinas CA. I have a thread on the 'other' place about it as well. We need 5 riders to make it happen. I think I have 3 so far. I can't say enough about the course. It is amazing. Regardless of your skill you WILL come away a better rider. Cost is $650 for the weekend. Lunches and dinner on Sunday are included. Course runs all day Sat and Sun. I'll post up the course description from Jocelin. Don't miss this chance. This is the last weekend she has for 2023.

Feel free to aske questions. I've taken the course so may be able to answer them.

Full disclosure: I have no skin in this except being able to take the class. I'm just doing the legwork to get riders onboard.
…more info

This is straight from Jocelin


West Coast Adventure Riders
-with Jocelin Snow, BMW certified international off road instructor

My training facility is a remote location near the mountains just outside the city of Salinas, in Monterey County, just a short drive to Big Sur and Laguna Seca / Weathertech Raceway.

There is a hotel with lodging just 15 min away, or you can tent camp on the property. The hotel is the Hampton Inn located at 523 Work St. Salinas, CA. If you decide to tent camp, there is an outdoor porta-potty but no shower.

Generally, for private classes of 1-3 riders, I charge $1,200 per student. That’s $600 per day for a two day class.

For group classes of 5-8 riders, I charge $650, ($325 per day), and I often have another coach to assist.

The GS Trophy training is designed to prepare the rider for the Trophy qualifier and offers an inside look at the GS Trophy competition. This class is designed for 6-8 riders and is $1000 per rider.

I may have a professional photographer at the group classes, and he/she usually charges $50-80 for all your photos in a drop box.

The training programs I run are not really for profit, it's more about sharing what I've learned and helping each other out. I really enjoy watching riders improve. Most of the cost is absorbed with insurance, lunch, drinks, tractor rental, fuel, arena upkeep, repairs and helpers.

Classes typically run 9AM - 5PM with lunch and breaks as needed. The hours may vary in warmer weather. GS Trophy training classes have longer hours. All adventure training classes are designed for 650cc or greater, with the exception of the Beginner class, which can be any size, off road capable bike.

We offer 5 types of training classes:

Beginner (brand new rider)
GS Trophy / Advanced
Roll With It
About the classes:
The beginner class is for either fairly new adventure riders or brand new riders learning how to ride or have never ridden before.
The Intermediate class brushes up on the basics for the first half of the day, with drills involving clutch, throttle control, body positioning and balance. We go over some ways to illustrate good riding form and techniques, and ways to form better habits. Some of the morning may look familiar to a few of my YouTube "Be the Boss of the Bike" videos. Not that you have the basics down, the remaining day and a half we work on what's between the ears, with confidence inspiring drills that include obstacles, and challenging terrain.
GS Trophy training is more involved, with longer days and exercises related to the GS Trophy competition. Camping on site.
Private classes are just that, a custom class where we can focus on your weak areas.
And finally, I have started doing "Roll With It" classes. This is where the student(s) and I link up via Sena bluetooth communicating devices, and we go for a day ride. At technical off road sections I coach from the saddle, explaining the best way to handle the terrain that you are about to encounter. Sometimes I ride in the lead, and other times I will follow to observe.
All classes are BYOB (bring your own bike). Students in the past have rented from companies such as Motoquest, or Eagle Rider, and had them outfit the bike with off road tires.

My course is set up to build rider confidence. It's a two day process, so there is not an option for a single day, with the exception of private classes. We have many different obstacles we train on, along with varying terrain, with the exception of large hills or mud.

We prefer riders don't bring guests, due to insurance. If they must accompany you, then we ask the guest to take a tour of the Monterey coast and return in time for the class closure at 5PM.

We require full adventure gear; (Helmet, pants and jacket with armor, gloves and boots with a minimum of 3 buckles.) Please do not bring mirror or dark tinted visors or goggles, as they make it more difficult to coach where the rider is looking. We also suggest a hydration pack. If you are purchasing new gear for this class, please ride in it prior to the class date, this will help make sure any gear issues are addressed prior to the class.

It’s best to have a knobby-style tire for the training, preferably a 50-50 on/off or greater. The Continental TKC-80 tire is perfect. I do not recommend pivot-pegs for this class. If you have a lowered suspension bike, be advised that you may not be able to attempt all the obstacles on the course, due to the ground clearance. Skid plates are mandatory for this class, stock or aftermarket are both acceptable.

Cancellations: Things happen, and we get it. If you need to cancel your class you may receive a full refund up to 40 days prior to your class. After 40 days, your deposit will not be refundable unless we can fill your spot with another rider.

If you are interested in a tour of the redwoods or Big Sur area, we can run a 3-4 day program, and include a 1-2 day tour on the final day. The cost depends on the tour selected and accommodations provided.
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