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Hard Start on the Harley


Jan 20, 2022
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I mean, this is posted on like five other sites, why not here? :lol2

2010 Fat Bob FXDF

Previous owner was useless. All I got out of him was "it has a screaming eagle kit in it". Could be anything. I feel like its a Stage 1 but the air cleaner is different. But hell, could be cams- who knows.

The issue:

That popping and skipping is random. But, it has been getting worse.

Battery is no more than three months old. ETX20L model. Doesn't really sit. If its not being run for over a week, it goes on the tender.

Bike also has a FuelPak FP1 (first gen) in it. The original settings had all the mode values in the negatives. I think all but three or four were negative.

I did just punch this into the website:


That top listing is what its at now. The bottom I'm going to punch in tomorrow. See if that has any effect. I have no idea what any of the modes are. But they do differ a bit it seems.

I've got this posted on another forum, and I'm getting varying answers,

Well now we are getting some place.. The battery cranking voltages look good and charging good but your video shows another issue.. Notice that twice when it stalls there is a puff through the intake..

This is my guess. What is happening is likely is happening is too much cranking timing and possibly not enough fuel. There could still be something wrong with the starter and starter cables.. Battery is good.

What is non standard on this bike? Not enough fuel might be a symptom of a fuel pressure issue..

That's one of them. So no idea.

Bike runs just fine. No issues there. Just this starting deal. Some times it fires right up. Others it cranks, grinds, and spins. I can't make it do it.

So that's where I am.

Tonight I've got all night work on this. I almost feel like the timing is a bit too advanced while cranking.

I'm going to try the other tune. If that doesn't do it, then remove the FuelPak altogether. That doesn't work, then a different battery.

Anything else I'm missing perhaps?

Link from irate for more info:
I think that you're on the right track regarding a timing issue. Other than that I've got nothing.

But I am with you in spirit and understand your frustration.
May as well rule out a bad electrical connection before chasing down anything else.
Always a good idea, check grounds especially for corrosion and tightness. Video makes me think it's running out of fuel. Does this model have carb or FI? How is idle controlled, is there an IAC?
This was all sorted.

Shit battery. That's the third garbage battery from Napa. All done with those.

Replaced the starter clutch and put in an OEM Harley battery. Solved everything. Bike is running awesome.
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