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Honda CB500X?


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Sep 12, 2023
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I come from Malta Europe.

Currently working on buying new bike in the 500cc region. My preferred option is Honda cb500x. Test drive done. Found it a bit intimidating with feet not completely touching the ground. WHEN IN IDLE POSITION. Otherwise OK.
Awesome bike.
On one hand.
Good at everything, not bad at anything. Not way too heavy, plenty of power, (relatively) cheap. Smooth engine. Long range fuel tank. Legendary reliability. Unicorn.
On the other hand.
Not excellent at anything. Suspension and seat could use improvement. Could be lighter. Could use more power. Boring.
Have I confused everyone, or just myself?
My kid rode one across the US and back without complaining.

You can always get a lowering link or taller boots.
I’ve never even sat on one but they look like a great bike. I’d love to have a bike that is a little more comfortable for longer rides over the road and the X seems like a strong value.
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