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Honda CT125 or Trail 125 thread

Yinzer Moto

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Jan 25, 2022
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Who has one? Who is looking for one?

We have one and are looking for another.

Who has one? Who is looking for one?

We have one and are looking for another.

I want one, but not willing to pay what dealers want. Found a few dealers in dc metro area. Got a quote from the one in Mannassas. List + 699 shipping + 195 prep+ 300 doc fee. All they were giving me was MSO paperwork. I had to go to PA DMV and get the title myself and pay the taxes
Yinzer Moto ,Where’d you find your first one?
Anyone have a front rack suggestion? I am looking for something small to just put some rain gear on. Any sellers in the United States.
Suspension, yes, I know, this is an inexpensive scooter. Has anyone done anything to theirs and had good results? I can’t tell if I am bottoming but it is pretty harsh over pot holes.
I bought one! It was totally surreal. I walked into a local dealership, looking for a Monkey, and they happened to have a Trail. I asked if it was sold and they said they just got it and didn't have a waiting list anymore. I rode out on it. My trail just turned 100 miles today after 3 weeks of ownership. I. Love. It. It's awesome!

I live in the inner city part of Houston and I am also close to a Bayou. The Trail is perfect for short trips around the city. I love the gearbox too.


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