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Honda Motokar


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Mar 28, 2022
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Definitely not for the US but Honda sells "motokars" in Peru. What an interesting vehicle.

TMX model is for tricycle

Some builds have a cab over style truck front end. The windshield is double wide and the more traditional sidecars have the weather protection just for the passengers.
There have been clone trikes like the 1st post slip through. I have seen one in the north. It had a utility bed insted of passenger compartment. The bed was like the mini trucks with fold down sides.
Danno that'd make a great farm vehicle.
That where I live. And I have spent way too much time on my wife's coleman over the last year.

I spotted this for 20 mins kicking chips. Best part is I can descend almost vertical from 20-30ft. I have a r100 hack and a homebuilt trike. The coleman works over even the tw and even a mud mower that the neighbor just looped in the right. I keep an eye out for odd machines that will do the impossible. Work or fun
Ahh make memories and food crops..not chaos. Clean floor..looks like a snowplow factory in Cleveland. Organized...
I worked in Peru in '97 -'98 ,in the town of Cusco motokar was the main mode of transportation. First time I had seen or ridden in one.
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