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Honda Transalp 750


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Mar 28, 2022
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Honda should announce the bike soon.

The new Honda Hornet and Transalp will share the new engine. Don't quote me on this one but I think the new engine is the one that was talked about a couple of years ago and was thought to be for the NC750.

I think the new bike looks cool. No info on specs yet. I'm down for one though.




Details about the new engine are emerging. Honda has released specs about their new 755 cc engine that will be in the new Hornet and the new Transalp. Power is said to be 92 HP for the Hornet which makes me think Honda will be detuned the engine to about 80 HP for the Transalp.

Super Tenere had a nice large gap, pan to skid, when new

Overtime the alum skid is form fitted to the sump

While it never happened to me, I’ve seen photos of rock sized holes in the ST sumps

We need to see the final design
No F-ing way a 2023 TA will be 350#.

But I am 90% to buy it anyway.

I saw an OLD TA on the streets of Paris today. Always loved the looks of that old EU Bike
IDK it looks to on par with the versys size wise, I'd imagine it'll be around the 400lb mark with fuel, Id be tempted though!
right? I still cant find a new Tiger 900 Rally anywhere. They've been sold out since they came out
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