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Ian Anderson's (Jethro Tull) Trials Bikes

He has mellowed with time, I listened to an interview with him (Ian) on a local radio station in the late 80's and he was just a pompous insulting ass. Completely turned me off to his music.
He ranted about how the acoustics of his country estate were at a level well above anything else, and that they (Tull) were the only true musicians in rock and roll. Then he went on to insult half a dozen of the days popular artists for various reasons.. I was pissed by the end of the interview.
That's unfortunate to hear. I was a Tull fan when I was just old enough to put Aqua Lung on my brother's stereo. I saw them twice in arena concerts back then. Punk/post-punk/new wave came on the scene and my tastes changed, but I continued to think Anderson was pretty cool (one of the most unique sounds of his time, IMO).
Here he is back in the day.


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