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Yinzer Moto

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Jan 25, 2022
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Other forums may not appreciate wide spread posting about this place, in an effort not to start to war with other forums, it may be a good idea to take a more subtle approach. Although, some people may not log onto the other place very often and it is important to make sure those are not left behind. I changed my avatar to the orange skull and placed a link in my signature line, to the welcome post here. For whatever reason, links in sig lines are ok. If you place a link in post over there, expect it to get punted or deleted, they may even ban you as a user.

Another approach is to shoot your friends a private message, especially the ones who may be unaware of what may happen to the site in the near future. Here is what I am sending.


Many of us are abandoning ship here. The site was sold to a big company who destroys the user experience on sites. They have done it to 1200 sites in the past, so it will eventually happen here.

This is a very long thread, covering just about any question you may have. It starts off ok but take a turn after about 10 days.


Anyway, I helped some others start a new site called ADVbikes.com, check out the welcome thread by the owner of the site: https://advbikes.com/threads/welcome-to-advbikes-com.37/
He has a lot of big plans for the future and is about giving back to the users of the site.

No need to jump ship from here, if you are not ready, but I just want people to know what the alternatives are, when you come here one day and find the site totally different and a bunch of robots digging up old posts, to make the site appear active.

Please pass the word, so people do not get left behind, especially the ones who only log on here occasionally. ”

Pirate4x4 had about 3/4 of the members that ADVr has, they fought the Vertical Scope take over, during that time, many of the members got frustrated with the user experience (I was one) and wandered away, never to return. While the new irate4x4 site is a success, it lost a good portion of its membership. By proactively creating this site, Austin has learned from what happened with Pirate4x4. He created this before the big changes happen at ADVr, so people might be aware of an alternative and we may stand a chance of keeping the community together.

Thank you for your help in trying to keep this community together.
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